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How to choose fake bait for fishing

Simply put, it is the most important in the visual and lateral line reaction of mock bait fishing, visual and lateral line reaction depends on the weather, cloudy days with more conspicuous white and pink, broad daylight with silver or yellow, of course, also depends on the color of the water, water turbidity may be natural color black or red good to use, the water is clear when the green and teal, in addition to the refraction of light, water temperature and water quality issues, but there are two Color is absolute, that is, red and black.

Mar 08,2023

Steps for tying fake lures

1、This time I still use an alternative line to facilitate the demonstration, first tie a knot on the line. 2、Next, put the end of the line through the connection ring of the fake lure.

Mar 08,2023

Do you know about fake bait (soft bait chapter)

Soft lures are a type of lure, usually made of plastic, rubber or silicone, and are made to look like various types of aquatic animals. Fishing with soft lures is mainly done by the way the angler manipulates the rod to make them simulate the dynamics of natural creatures and induce the fish to attack the lure.

Mar 08,2023

False bait fishing techniques

1, turbid water body to choose fake bait. Mud and silt, after a rainstorm, the water can be moderately low, the best fake bait with black. Water pollution, water algae seasonal proliferation, the use of two-color fake bait is more attractive. Amber water body is more attractive with dark fake bait.

Mar 08,2023

What kind of fish do you usually catch with fake lures

1、What is the best lure to use for fishing. 2, simulation lures can catch fish. 3, how to hook fake lures. 4、Why do anglers hate playing roadkill.

Mar 08,2023

Types of fake lures and how to use them

Road fishing is a special fishing method, referring to the use of fake lures to imitate the movements of weak creatures, sounds and other fishing methods to trigger the predation and attack of large fish, the whole process of the angler is doing the whole body movement, pay attention to the integrated operation of the rod, bait and reel, and the traditional fishing method is very different, the following take a look at the types of fake lures and the use of Road Fishing!

Mar 08,2023

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